IN BRIEF: What’s Happened Today? (August 21st 2012)

August 21st 2012 is unlikely to live long in most people’s memories. That’s unless you’re an Apple shareholder, of course.

For it was revealed today that Apple has now officially become not just the richest company in the world, but also the richest company the world has ever known, overtaking Microsoft’s previous record that it claimed in 1999.

It could be that Apple is in fact the richest company in the entire universe, but without any conclusive answers about the existence of extra terrestrial life we cannot be absolutely certain about that for the time being.

Here’s all the stuff that’s happened:

  • Namco Bandai is to restock its Tales titles after seeing copies of its games sell for 100+ on eBay – LINK
  • Sony turns to the High Street to boost the PlayStation Network – LINK
  • Apple is OFFICIALLY the daddiest daddy ever – LINK
  • MCV takes a look at Sleeping Dogs’ journey from cancellation to chart success – LINK
  • EA is struggling to see the point in TV and print advertising in this modern, digital world – LINK
  • BT admits that it will likely have to write off its investment in OnLive – LINK
  • Punters will get the chance to try Wonderbook at HMV Oxford Street this weekend – LINK
  • EA is armed to the teeth and ready to fight. For US – LINK
  • Those lovely people at Gamesaid are riding all the way from Cologne to Brighton. You should give them money – LINK
  • Steam takes to the TV screen next month – LINK
  • Blizzard takes one for the team and answers fans’ calls for an improved end game in Diablo III – LINK
  • Plants vs Zombies 2 is announced! But it looks like jobs are being lost at PopCap – LINK
  • Gamescom dates its 2013 event – LINK

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