IN BRIEF: What’s Happened Today (August 22nd 2012)

WipEout may no longer be the powerhouse franchise it was back in ‘90s, but few avid gamers won’t have fond memories of the IP.

It was a key game in the PlayStation revolution. Suddenly we weren’t stomping on mushrooms and collecting rings – we were racing hover ships while listening to techno and doing drugs.

Well, none of the MCV staff did that, obviously. We used to mute the game and listen to Nightmares on Wax on our cassette players instead.

The news is thus:

  • What’s that? You want more Grand Theft Auto V screens? How many? Three? Yeah, that’s doable – LINK
  • MCV chats to DayZ creator Dean Hall about the summer’s biggest hit – LINK
  • PopCap confirms the loss of around 50 jobs with the fate of its Dublin office hanging in the balance – LINK
  • But co-founder John Vechey says that EA is certainly not to blame – LINK
  • The UK’s oldest development studio Sony Liverpool closes its doors – LINK
  • DayZ and The War Z not enough for you? Well, luckily there’s another open-world zombie title on the way – LINK
  • EA reckons that High Street video games retail could be gone within a decade – LINK
  • It looks like American mag Nintendo Power is closing down, too – LINK
  • Nintendo has scheduled a press event for next month. Price and release date announcement do you think? – LINK
  • Stereoscopic 3D gaming? Dead, so EA reckons – LINK
  • Darksiders II is MCV’s Game of the Day – LINK

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