IN BRIEF: What’s Happened Today (August 23rd 2012)

If you’ve ever been to a game launch event in the UK the chances are that you’ve visited GAME’s Oxford Street store in London.

Well, you’d better cherish that memory as the new-look Game Retail limited has confirmed that it won’t be renewing the lease on the property. It will close its doors on September 8th.

Elsewhere Charles Cecil is taking Broken Sword to Kickstarter, NASA is taking the boot to Molyneux and 2K Games I taking the retro to Borderlands.

And let’s face it – we need to release schedule to perk up or else the kids are going to run out of things to play, seeming as its apparently all they’ve done all summer:

Head’s up:

  • EA’s Peter Moore tells MCV that far from killing physical, the next-generation will actually be its saviour – LINK
  • Broken Sword is back! Well, it might be if it gets Kickstarter backing – LINK
  • Peter Molyneux is having to rename his first iOS game Curiosity because of that pesky Martian robot – LINK
  • You should probably be checking out the latest issue of MCV Magazine, which can be had digitally don’t you know – LINK
  • Borderlands gets demade into ‘80s classic The Border Land – LINK
  • 3DS passes 7m unit sales in Japan as Nintendo controls the market – LINK
  • The summer holidays last 42 days. And our kids spend 12 of those in front of the TV – LINK
  • Infinity Blade gets remade… starring Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – LINK
  • Sam Forrest is now Jagex man – LINK
  • Indie retailers will be offering a Limited Edition Top Trumps SKU – LINK
  • Nintendo Power’s closure is finally confirmed – LINK
  • THQ has cut a number of marketing positions as it refocuses on development – LINK
  • Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has had a price cut! In America… – LINK
  • GAME’s iconic Oxford Street store will close its doors on September 8th – LINK
  • The PS3 version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive suffer an ulwelcome delay – LINK

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