In-game clipping service raises £3.5m in funding

A gaming platform company has secured $3.5 million in funding for its in-game clipping service that offers a "one-touch solution" for PC gamers to record their last 15 seconds of gameplay.

According to CEO Pim de Witte, there are roughly 30,000 users on the platform every week and around 15,000 daily active users.

Formed in response to the digital in-game worlds that are now "far more than just a massively multiplayer gaming space", raised $3.5m in funding led by Backed VC and Initial Capital, with participation from Ridge Ventures, Makers Fund, and Social Starts. Alex Brunicki – a founding partner at Backed – and Matteo Vallone – principal at Initial – have additionally joined Medal’s board.

"Emerging generations are experiencing moments inside games the same way we used to with sports and festivals growing up," says Alex Brunicki, a partner at "Digital and physical identity are merging and the technology for gamers hasn’t evolved to support that."

"We think we can make it more natural than capturing real-life moments because you capture things that just happened. You don’t need to pull out a phone and miss the moment itself. Games give us that ability," added de Witte.

Medal Metrics – the "business-facing side of Medal" – also gives developers and streamers access to "comprehensive, comparative, real-time analytics on how games are shared, and how their games are doing with Medal’s audience and beyond", offering an insight into player sharing behaviour.

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