IN PICTURES: Irish GAME sit-in

Staff staging a sit-in protest at GAME’s now closed Monaghan store have posted a number of pictures of their exploits on Facebook.

They are demanding compensation for both the lack of notice of their job termination and PwC’s advice that they should pursue the Government for redundancy compensation.

Staff member Ben Lamb O’Sullivan has been documenting the protest on Facebook.

So, at half one today we received a phone call. At which point our store manager wrote this down and passed it to me. Was the first real insight we were given to our jobs from head office who gladly would have kept us in the dark…..”

First night in store, a hugs thanks to all the support we have received, we are over whelmed and extremely grateful, please keep it up!”

Just had an administrator at our door, ain’t getting our keys! Its all official now!”

The pictures can be seen below.

UPDATE: VG247 reports that Irish TV is reporting of an additional sit-in in Cork.

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