IN PICTURES: Loading Bar makes Solid Snake out of 2,100 shots

There’s having a drink to celebrate Solid Snake’s 25th anniversary and then there’s really having a drink.

UK games hangout Loading Bar chose to celebrate to birthday of Konami’s iconic games hero by creating an artistic interpretation of Snake out of 2,100 shots.

It commissioned freelance designer and Metal Gear fan Joseph Payne to create the piece, which took 12 hours to put together. It features 25 different shades of colour to reflect the 25th anniversary.

An A3 print of the design was then handed to Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima after his UK BAFTA presentation on Friday September 28th. He vowed to hang it in his office.

"Once we found Konami’s codec code and got through to them to discuss the idea of a drink, it was the logical step after my ‘octocamo’ invisible/tap water cocktail idea was deemed a failure,” Loading Bar’s Big Boss James Dance stated.

"Whenever Hideo Kojima visits countries I’m sure he gets showered with gifts relevant to the culture so we thought we’d do our bit for upholding the stereotype of England being a nation of drinkers and create this liquid tribute to Snake."

Here are the pictures:

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