Inafune slams Capcom’s ‘blame culture’

It’s clear that he has an axe to grind, but famed developer Keiji Inafune has delivered another blow to Capcom, this time attacking it for an alleged blame culture.

This was the reason, he claims, that recent Western collaborations such as Dark Void and Bionic Commando failed to perform at retail.

"[It’s] very, very simple,” he told Joystiq. The publisher was Japanese and the developer was foreign.

Even inside Japan, when you work in two different companies, they always blame each other for any small mistakes, so that’s pretty much what happened in those two games – blaming each other.

"When I was making[critical and commercial success] Dead Rising, I told my staff, ‘Don’teverblame the other guys. Do your best, and just keep doing your work’.

[But now] it’s getting back like before – blaming each other."

Inafune is already an established critic of Japanese games development. Speaking of last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the outspoken dev stated: I look around Tokyo Games Show, and everyone’s making awful games. Japan is at least five years behind.”

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