Indie horror game Amnesia scares up 1m sales

Indie developer Frictional Games has revealed its PC horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent has surpassed 1m copies sold.

In a two year report on the developer’s blog, lead Thomas Grip touched on the difficulties of penning an exact number due to bundle sales with Steam and Humble Indie Bundle.

Without accounting for those bundles, the game has sold over 700,000 units. With them in mind the total could reach as high as 1.4m units, but what muddies it is that it’s unclear how many bundle customers previously owned the title.

"The figures themselves are far beyond any guesses we would have made two years ago," Grip said. "It is also insane, because this number is actually higher than it was around three months after initial launch."

Grip added that the title continues to sell well two years out, even during the non-discount periods. At the moment the game still sells 10,000 copies monthly excluding discount promotion numbers – which as Grip points out means that at every fifth minute someone, somewhere in the world is buying Amnesia and getting the crap scared out of them.

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