Indie publishers speak, plus Ubisoft, Sega and Green Man Gaming in this week’s MCV

This week, we talk to eleven indie publishers to gather their thoughts on the current state of today’s console market, new competition in the digital space, and how the fallout from last year’s Q4 has affected their outlook for 2017 and beyond.

We also speak to Ubisoft’s producer Matt Rose and creative director Laurent Malville about the firm’s ambitious new toys-to-life title Starlink: Battle for Atlas and why it’s great news for retail.

Meanwhile, executive vice president Gary Rowe tells us about how retail and publishing thrive under one roof at Green Man Gaming, and about its latest release, Aporia: Beyond the Valley.

We also catch up with Sega’s executive VP of publishing John Clark to discuss the firm’s multi-pronged approach with its retro remakes and new RTS titles.

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The full contents of this week’s issue are below:

  • OPINION: Sold Out’s CEO Garry Williams on why the games industry is experiencing a ‘publishing renaissance’
  • OPINION: Midia’s analyst Karol Severin on reading daily active users across platforms
  • OPINION: Improbable’s CTO Rob Whitehead discusses why platforms need to empower and not constrain
  • PUBLISHING ROUNDTABLE: We talk to eleven indie publishers about the state for the industry, sales and why finding the right release date is a load of bollocks”
  • GREEN FINGERS: Green Man Gaming on its new publishing arm and recently-released title Aporia
  • UBISOFT: Why Ubisoft’s upcoming toys-to-life title Starlink: Battle for Atlas is great news for retail
  • SEGA: We talk to Sega about the upcoming Sonic Mania, its retro catalogue and its new RTS games
  • COMPANY PROFILE: We talk to Axis CEO Richard Scott about what’s next for the company
  • MARGIN MAKERS: Ahead of the release of Sonic Mania, we select the latest merchandise from the franchise
  • PLUS! Ark: Survival Evolved & Sudden Strike 4 headline the big game releases of the week, Crash Bandicoot continues to exceed expectations and more

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