Indie The Binding of Isaac surpasses 2m sales

Super Meat Boy developer, and Indie Game: The Movie star, Edmund McMillen has announced his dungeon crawler The Binding of Isaac has sold over 2m copies across PC and Playstation platforms.

Speaking with Youtuber NorthernLion, McMillen revealed the title had just recently reached the milestone. The game was originally considered by McMillen to be a minor project following Team Meat’s hit platformer Super Meat Boy, which had sold 1m copies as of the beginning of 2012.

The indie dev added that Isaac’s success has given him the opportunity to work on an updated remake, entitled The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Instead of Flash, Rebirth will utilize a new engine to optimize the experience and allow for more things to happen on the screen concurrently. It will also add a large content expansion and two-player co-op.

Rebirth is set to arrive on PC, PS3, and Vita later this year, with Xbox 360 and 3DS versions being discussed as well.

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