Infinity Blade ‘more successful’ than Shadow Complex

Mark Rein, the VP of Gears of War develop Epic Games, has stated that iOS release Infinity Blade outsold fellow digital Xbox Live Arcade release Shadow Complex.

Though no exact sales numbers were given, Rein told Joystiq that the iPhone title had been "hugely successful".

There are lots of mitigating factors here, of course. The first and most important is that Shadow Complex costs 1,200 MSP (10.28) whereas Infinity Blade costs just 3.49.

And Rein’s statement doesn’t confirm whether he means the game has been more successful in revenue or unit sale terms.

On the presumption it’s a revenue based statement, Joystiq calculates that total Infinity Blade sales must be in the region of 1.36m copies. Sales of Shadow Complex are believed to stand at around 545k.

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