Inside and Doom drop Denuvo DRM

Pioneering PC piracy software Denuvo has been removed from both indie platformer Inside and FPS giant Doom.

However, Kotaku reports that there is nothing sinister behind the motivation to strip the tech from these games. Instead, the move was made simply because Denuvo succeeded in keeping the titles safe from piracy during their launch window, even if both games were eventually cracked.

The simple reason why Denuvo Anti Tamper was removed from Doom was because it had accomplished its purpose by keeping the game safe from piracy during the initial sales window,” Denuvo’s Robert Hernandez said.

The protection on Doom held up for nearly four months, which is an impressive accomplishment for such a high-profile game.

Each publisher is of course free to remove our anti tamper tech from their title once they feel the protection has achieved its purpose in protecting the initial sales window, or if they have other reasons for doing so, such as selling the title on DRM-free platforms.”

Denuvo has been so successful that it even saw some high-profile pirates quit the scene altogether. However, the DRM’s once unblemished record has become spottier as of late, even though it remains the strongest anti-piracy tech the market has ever seen.

Nonetheless, attitudes toward DRM remain hostile in some quarters. Indeed, companies such as CD Projekt have enjoyed great success by making it policy to avoid DRM altogether.

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