Intel unveils fastest ever Core i7-4790K processor

The first ever 4.0GHz CPU from Intel is on the way.

The CPU giant has revealed the multi-threaded quad core Core i7-4790K which ships with a clock speed for 4.0GHz out of the box, with single cores able to hit 4.4GHz under load.

For comparison the i7-4770K and 4670K clock at 3.5GHz and 3.4GHz respectively with turbo frequencies of 3.9GHz and 3.8GHz.

Being a K model it’s also unlocked for overclocking, although certain changes to the architecture suggest it may not be quite as OC friendly as other i7 Ks. It also includes Intel’s integrated HD 4600 graphics.

The chip is fundamentally the same as other Haswells, although Intel reckons it boasts a ‘next-generation’ thermal interface solution that reduces the need for third party heatsinks or coolers.

Be sure to check your motherboard compatibility if you’re thinking of upgrading – users will need to ensure compatibility with TDPs of 88W and up. 8-Series motherboards will likely need a BIOS update although most 9-Series boards should be fine.

There’s also a new Pentium on the way too – the Pentium Processor Anniversary Edition. The dual core chip clocks at 3.2GHz. Rounding off the new selection is the 3.5GHz Core i5-4690K.

All three chips are due out this month, with prices yet to be announced.

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