There are close to 100 studios based in Indonesia, making the Asian nation a great source of development talent.

The vast majority focus on mobile games. Others offer services for larger publishers’ projects, specialising in areas such as art.

None of the traditional publishers have a local office in the region. However, there are a number of smaller firms that provide popular online games, including Indonesian versions of Korean MMOs.

In fact, online gaming is the most popular channel in Indonesia, with most gamers enjoying browser games and web-based versions of global best-sellers, such as EA’s FIFA Online series.

That’s not to say retail has no presence of course. Leading specialist GS Shop has 30 branches across the region, plus an online store. Similarly, Drakuli has thrived since opening a store in Jakarta.

But, as with many international markets, Indonesian games retailers face a familiar challenge.

The Indonesian gaming population holds a lot of potential, but has an enemy in the form of piracy,” says Remy Fabian, editor-in-chief of

Six out of ten people will prefer pirated games because of the cheap cost. But even so, that result is still an improvement.”

Fabian describes Sony as the real hero in game retail”, because the PS3 has been tough for hackers to crack. It is possible to sell a modest 2,600 copies of legitimate PS3 software per month. Both 3DS and PS Vita also have active userbases.

Yes, piracy is a problem, but the Indonesian market does have strong buying power,” says Fabian.

In the end, it’s about how you market your products. If you grab the community, make them feel appreciated, you will have a great time selling games here.”

Population: 237,424,363
Currency: Rupiah
GDP (Per Capita): $3,508
Capital City: Jakarta
Language: Indonesian

Drakuli, GS Shop, Maxsoft, Uptron, Technosolution

IAH Games, Kreon Indonesia, Lyto, Megaxus, Qeon Interactive

There are more than 80 studios based in the region. Major players include: Altermyth, Agate Studios, Elventales Games, Jotter Productions, Toge Productions

The full list includes:

Agate Studio,ArtLogic Games,Amagine Interactive,Alegrium,Altermyth Studio,Abigdev,Awaken Dreams Studio,Angril Softwerks,Anantarupa Studios,Aksara Games Studio,Atrova Studios,Access Technology,Belugerin Studios,Beavers Studio,Bounty Studio,Batersoft,Caravan Studio,Cornicle Games,Divine Kids,D`Games Interactive,Dombi Illustartion Corps,Dream-Frog Studios,Educa Studio,Enthrean Guardian,Elven Tales,Esabra Games,Elasitas,Flip N Tale,Funever Games,Fortunacus Lucas Games,flooGames,Gemuku,Guava Games,Go Games,Gong Studios,Garuda Games Studio,Gaple Studio,Iamgamedeveloper,Jotter Production, Jackisgames, Joyverter, Komodoz,Kutu Games,Lucidrine,Labu Games,Lokilaki Studios,Little Giant World,Loyal Eternal,Lotus Game Studio,Main Studios,Menara Games,MAX Studio,Metric,Mars2 Studio,Maximize Games,MINTSPHERE,Nightspade,Oray Studios,Oneb1t Digital Agency,Own Games,Piqmi,Pokkon Studio, roseVeRte, Studioindependent,Stellar-,Sangkuriang Studio,Sola interactive,Soybean Soft,Small Farm Studio,SLAB Games,Tanoshii Creative Studio (Tanoshii Studio),Tempa Labs,Teelos Games,Toge Productions,TouchTen,Tinker Games,UB Games, Virtuastudio,vresgame,Wandah,Whappa Games Studio,ZanuZawa,3BRO

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