Tastes in Luxembourg match those in the UK and popular games in the region currently include blockbusters like FIFA 13 and Call of Duty.

Local games retailers also report strong demand for more recent releases such as Tomb Raider, Injustice: Gods?Among Us and Dead Island Riptide.

One retailer was also confident that the video games market is on the rise in the small territory.

The popularity of video games in the region is growing, and it’s becoming easier to sell video games as a result,” said a store manager at Free Record Shop.

The online video games sector in Luxembourg has experienced significant growth in recent years, and this has been largely due to the government, which has taken active steps to pour investment into this area.

The ICT sector is to become one of the biggest in Luxembourg’s economy thanks to this investment. This attitude has seen Luxembourg attract a range of influencial digital companies including OnLive, Nexon and Zynga.

When we looked at expanding to Europe, we knew it would be key to be located centrally in order to minimise latency and cost,” said OnLive?COO Charlie Jablonski.

We rapidly came to the conclusion that Luxembourg made the most sense.”

US free-to-play company Kabam also set up its European base in the region due to Luxembourg’s language resources.?This is because its games are created in several languages to boost their suitability for the international market.

The online networks and data centres in Luxembourg also had cash support and this has helped boost cloud-gaming in the region.

Population: 537,853
Currency: Euro
GDP (Per Capita): $107,206
Capital City: Luxembourg
Languages: French, German, Luxembourgish

Key Retailers and Distributors
Electric Viaduc, Free Record Shop, Le Coin BD, Pixmania, Saturn

Top Developers
Nexon, Kabam

Publishers With A Local Office
OnLive, Zynga

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