Sweden has the largest games market in the Nordic region, and as a result a strong presence from the world’s biggest games companies.

It also has an impressive development community, home to the likes of Battlefield studio EA DICE, Just Cause creators Avalanche Studios and The Darkness dev Starbreeze.

But local firms warn that while Sweden serves as an effective entry point, it is not necessarily the key to unlocking the Nordic region.

Ztorm’s head of operations Maeva Sponbergs adds: Many companies come to Sweden looking for a base to manage the Nordic market. Although the Nordic region counts as a single territory, it is not a homogenous market.

Each of the four countries needs a specific focus, plan and execution. And while Sweden is an excellent base of operations, all countries need to be taken into consideration to build a strong business.”

Publishers launching their games in the region can be assured of reasonably healthy sales, thanks to a robust retail landscape.

The Swedish market is fairly consolidated so the number of retailers needed is fairly few to get a strong retail penetration but the competition is very tough,” said Game Outlet CEO Mikal Brodn.El-giganten and MediaMarkt are the mass-market leaders with very aggressive pricing on key releases.”

Localisation is also less of an issue than it is in other European markets.

Said Sponbergs: Swedish citizens in general have a very good spoken and written English comprehension. However, when releasing children’s titles it is proven that localisation is the key to success.”

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Population: 9,415,295
Currency: Swedish Krona
GDP (Per Capita): $47,934
Capital City: Stockholm
Language: Swedish

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