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In a new weekly feature, we look at the overall advertising activity for video games on TV.

This is provided by specialist communication firm Generation Media which focuses on the entertainment and leisure industries.

In week one we take a look at the year-on-year weekly marketing dynamics from January 1st to June 19th, for males aged between 16 and 34 years old.

– This chart illustrates the monthly percentage difference in UK TV advertising pressure (on men 16 to 34 TVRs) within the Games & Consoles market 2011 Vs 2010.

– The images above the chart represent the top campaign from each week. If the growth is positive, the campaign shown is from ‘11. If it’s negative, then the campaign shown is from 2010.

– The strength of the games and consoles TV advertising market in 2011 has resulted in there being just six weeks of decline out of 25.

– Nintendo’s strategy to heavily back their campaigns has been rewarded with the top advertising spot for eight of the 25 weeks in 2011 thus far.

– Some of this year’s big shooters seem to have had similar launches. Brink, Dead Space 2 and Homefront each spent two weeks as the most advertised games at launch.

Monthly market dynamics January 1st to June 19th, 2010 vs 2011

– From January 1st to June 19th, TV advertising to men aged between 16 and 34 has increased by 32.5 per cent year-on-year.

– There have been 18 per cent more TVcampaigns on air (94 vs 80) in 2011 than 2010. On average, each campaign has been backed 14 per cent more heavily than in 2010 (117 TVRs vs 103 TVRs).

– 2011’s growth was initially slow, but was stimulated in March by the long anticipated launch campaign of the Nintendo 3DS (285 TVRs). The launch campaigns of uDraw (281 TVRs), Pokemon Black & White (275 TVRs) and Homefront (225 TVRs) were also instrumental in driving the year-on-year growth.

– June has continued 2011’s trend of growth, although slightly below the overall rate of growth. The launch campaign of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (231 TVRs) has driven much of this growth, with 19 per cent market share of voice.

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