Introducing: The first ever eSports Pro magazine

This week, MCV has taken a break, and in its place we have produced a one-off publication dedicated to eSports.

In the first eSports Pro magazine, we speak to EA’s senior VP and GM of Competitive Gaming Todd Sitrin about the firm’s new eSports division.

We also discuss regulation with the eSports Integrity Coalition integrity commissioner Ian Smith, Gfinity CEO Neville Upton and video game lawyers.

Elsewhere, Ginx, Hitbox and Twitch discuss what lies ahead for live eSports coverage.

We also talk to International eGames Group’s CEO Chester King about how the eGames could transform competitive gaming and look at the ways games firms can make money from the eSports scene.

The full contents of this week’s issue are below. The digital edition can bereadhere.

  • NEWS: We can unlock big sponsors for pro gaming, says EA
  • OPINION: eSports expert Dominic Sacco on how eSports can become a force in the UK
  • OPINION: Mainstream brands are at risk of being left behind by the digital generation, ESL UK’s co-managing director Spike Laurie says
  • OPINION: SuperData’s Joost ven Dreunen discusses the challenge that could hold back competitive gaming
  • THE BIG INTERVIEW: EA talks about its new division dedicated to competitive gaming
  • ESPORTS REGULATION: As pro-gaming prize pools increase in size, so does the desire to win. We investigate on whether eSports require better regulation or not
  • DATA: SuperData shares its latest figures about the size and projected growth of the global eSports market
  • ANALYSIS: Ginx, Hitbox and Twitch discuss the future of watching eSports
  • INTERVIEW: Twitch’s battle to remain the top dog of eSports streaming
  • INTERVIEW: eGames, the tournament that wants to put ‘pride before cash’
  • ANALYSIS: We look at the ways that companies can make money from the burgeoning pro-gaming scene
  • PLUS! Team Dignitas’ profile, James ‘Bakery’ Baker’s player profile and the eSports accessories guide

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