Invisible Inc for PS4 in the works, full Steam release lands next month

Klei Entertainment has pinned an official release date on its Steam Early Access stealth title Invisible Inc., revealing the game is in development for PlayStation 4 as well.

The PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game will leap from Early Access to 1.0 status on Steam May 12th, according to a post by the developer on the game’s Steam Community landing.

Klei has pulled the currently available pre-release offering of Invisible Inc. from sale, as the studio tells Polygon it prefers everyone to experience the game in its fully realized version when it launches.”

That said, current owners of the game still have normal access to the game.

If you already own the Early Access version, you can of course continue playing the development build,” Klei’s rep explained.

As for PS4, Klei states it’s already in development for the platform but no release date has been scheduled as of yet.

Here’s the accompanying trailer for the Steam release announcement:

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