Invite-only Fortnite IOS racks up $1m in first 72 hours

Fortnite iOS only launched last week with a series of closed invites, but within the first 72 hours the game had already racked up $1m from in-app purchases.

This data comes from Sensor Tower, who also mention that the game has made a massive $1.5m worldwide so far, before even releasing to a wider audience.

The game also topped the iOS charts in 47 countries in its first 24 hours after launch. This isn’t just the game chart, but the app chart. While it doesn’t quite have the popularity of Pokémon Go, it has managed to earn about a third of that apps revenue in the first four days, which is impressive considering the app is invite-only and doesn’t have the recognition of Pokémon to a global audience.

Fortnite is getting a lot of attention recently, having edged out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to become the go-to survival game, with rapper Drake appearing in a llve stream with some celebrity pals last week.

This mobile version supports cross platform play, which appears to mean mobile players have the joy of being picked off by PC players at range, but this writer hasn’t had a chance to play it yet, so will refrain from judgement until they open it up to a wider audience.

Regardless, Fortnite’s massive launch on mobile shows that there are some legs to the mobile survival genre.

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