iPad 2 a proper games console?

If for one moment you can duck the noise about today’s arrival of the 3DS, you might also note that another machine also hits the UK today – Apple’s iPad 2. But rather than thinking it just a tablet Mac, perhaps we should be recognising it as a serious home console contender.

The iPad 2 has plenty of tasty specs, but one that has maybe not been as widely hyped as it should be is its capacity for 1080p video output to an HD TV. And one of the leading ‘hardcore’ iOS games is preparing to take full advantage.

Developer Firemint has announced that the next update to Real Racing 2 will add the ability to plug the device into an HD TV and play the game in full 1080p. Bear in mind, too, that very few Xbox 360 or PS3 titles even offer full HD visuals.

When it’s all hooked up, as can be seen in the video below, it looks to offer an experience every bit the rival of any core console racing title.

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