iPhone ‘not cannibalising’ PSP sales

The success of iPhone gaming will not necessarily come at the expense of dedicated gaming handheld rivals such as the DS, PSP, 3DS and NGP.

That’s according to Sega Europe’s senior vice president of sales Jurgen Post, who told MCV: "I think you will have different worlds next to each other and they will all find their own space, and I’m pretty positive about it.

"Will [dedicated handheld consoles] be as big as they have been in the past? I don’t know, but I’m sure they can all co-exist.

"One of the key examples from us is Football Manager on the iPhone. We released it last year, and we’ve just released a new version. We also released a PSP version. The funny thing is the iPhone version is 4.99 and it’s selling well, but the PSP version is much more expensive– and yet we’re doing similar numbers to what we did with previous versions.

"You would expect that a lot of people would play it on the iPhone and not the PSP, but that’s not the case. We released an identical version on iPhone and that’s doing huge numbers, but it’s not cannibalising the PSP sales. It shows you can have different worlds next to one another.

"Titles like this really prove that smartphones and dedicated handheld gaming systems can co-exist next to each other."

To read MCV’s full interview with Post, click here.

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