Ireland approves three strikes net ruling

Eircom, Ireland’s largest internet service provider, has rolled out the implementation of its ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy on illegal internet file sharing.

Under the controversial measures, TechRadar reports, upon the first accusation users will receive a phone call issuing a warning. If accused on a further two occasions, internet access is then disabled for one week. If a fourth strike is issued then a year-long disconnect will be enforced.

The move is all the more notable as no burden of proof is necessary. Simply being accused three times is sufficient under the guidelines.

It is predicted that 50 IP addresses a week will be actioned under the proposal. Offenders are to be identified by third party company Dtecnet.

Director general of the Irish recorded Music Association said of the plans: We are trying to encourage people to go back to legitimate networks to get their music.”

The scheme is similar to that proposed both by Labour’s former business secretary Peter Mandelson and later by the Liberal Democrats.

Internet users in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island should also be bracing themselves for similar laws, which are due to come into effect in the coming months having been passed as part of the controversial Digital Economy Bill last month.

The measures came under heavy fire in the run-up to the DEB debate, though regulator Ofcom moved to assure the public that a robust appeals process would be put in place to protect the rights of those accused of copyright theft.

France is also expected to introduce similar legislation.

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