Is 3D already in trouble?

There are significant doubts about whether the success 3D has seen at cinemas can translate to the home.

For one, consumers have only just upgraded to HD, and it’s going to take something big to encourage adoption of another large, flatscreen TV – especially as 3D TVs currently cost over 1,000.

If you look at the stats, only 20 per cent of HD TVs actually have HD content going through them,” added Simmons.

People bought them not because of the HD, but because they wanted a big flatscreen TV, which they now all have. So it’s going to take great content to encourage people to upgrade to 3D.”

Another issue for 3D to overcome is the sheer number of people who can’t or shouldn’t view it. Both Nintendo and Sony have warned that young children should not view 3D because their eyes have yet to fully develop. Sony stated that parents should at least check with a doctor before letting children under six play its 3D games.

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