Is new Sony handheld called the PSP Go?

The rumour mill has not been shy of hurling around random speculation relating to Sony’s E3 PSP redesign reveal, but an interesting titbit has emerged regarding Sony’s branding of the new device which, if sources are to be believed, will be called the PSP Go!.

reports that the Go! moniker has beaten off competition from titles such as PSP2, PSP-4000, PSP Slide and PSP Flip. Go! was reportedly chosen as it ties in with Sony’s existing branding for many of its multimedia PSP applications.

The site adds that two SKUs will be released – one with 8GB of built in memory and the other with 16GB. It predicts a Japanese arrival in September and then a North American release by the end of the year.

Also, with the new model ditching UMD support Sony is already working hard on ensuring a downloadable PSP library of 100 titles ready for launch, some of which will be new.

Speculation of the hardware points to a sliding control layout that appears from below the screen, but sadly doesn’t include a second analogue nipple. A touch-screen and built in camera are also possible.

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