Is PC winning the games war?

Reports of the death of PC gaming have not only been greatly exaggerated, but the platform is actually in ascendancy, and is set to take the gaming platform crown from its console rivals. That’s according to
the PC Gaming Alliance.

The pan-industry corporation – formed and managed by big name firms such as Intel, AMD, Dell, Capcom and Epic – asserts that new payment models and the globalisation of markets are playing into the hands of PC gaming to a greater extent than consoles, and this dynamic is set to boost the platform’s standing ever more going forward.

The spotlight has absolutely shifted back to PC gaming,” said Matt Ployhar, PCGA president and Intel graphics planner. I don’t believe this phenomenon is going to slow down. A good portion of the companies that
are flush with cash right now are coming from abroad, which largely ties in with my postulation about globalization spilling over into the PC gaming ecosystem.”

For the full report, head over to PCR.

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