Is the end nigh for consoles? Green Throttle thinks so as it raises $6m in funding

A company that believes it has the answer to a console-less gaming future has announced the successful capture of $6m in series A funding.

Green Throttle believes that the successor to the console is already amongst us – our smartphones and tablets. And its plan to exploit the situation is as follows.

The company was co-founded by Charles Huang, who is known to the games industry as one of the founders of Guitar Hero’s original publishers RedOctane.

Firstly, it is currently designing an Xbox 360-style controller called the Atlas that is designed to link with devices and replace the sometimes cumbersome touch control requirement.

Secondly, it’s making a TV adapter that when used in conjunction with the company’s app allows for the accessing of content and playing of games on the TV via the associated device.

Green Throttle also plans to publish dedicated games that are created by both its own in-house team and – hopefully – by external developers.

We love games. So we figured why not find a way to get more out of them?” the company said in a statement. Why not let you play your way, whether it’s alone on a smartphone or together with friends on a TV? Why not create mobile games that go way beyond mobile?

At Green Throttle Games, we combine everything you love about mobile and console games to create an experience that’s unlike any other. By unlocking the value and performance of mobile on the big screen, we connect people and platforms in a way that’s simple and fun.

Which, when you think about it, is exactly what gaming should be.”

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