It looks as if Michael Jackson DID write Sonic 3’s score

The age-old conspiracy that late pop king Michael Jackson wrote the score for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is true, according to a new report.

Jackson had a relationship with Sega, which made his Moonwalker game. He also starred in Space Channel 5 and its sequel. It has long been claimed that Jackson had some sort of involvement with Sonic 3, with internet sleuths frequently referencing the similarities between some of its tracks and Jackson’s chart hits.

Now a new report from Huffington Post claims that Michael Jackson was in fact the composer of the game’s score. It also reaffirms previous claims that his name was removed from the credits as he was unhappy with how the final product sounded once the music had been compressed.

Some claim, however, that the missing credit was more to do with child molestation allegations, which hit the media a few months after Jackson visited Sega’s Silicon Valley design studio.

Confirmation of Jackson’s involvement with the game comes from three of its credited composers – Brad Buxer, Doug Grigsby and Cirocco Jones. "I was working with Michael on the Dangerous album and he told me he was going to be doing the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack for Sonic 3,” Buxer said. He asked me if I would help him with it."

Roger Hector, who was in charge of Sonic 3’s development team, added that Sega intended for Jackson’s involvement to be a secret. It’s said Jackson created some 41 or so tracks for the game, all of which were recorded to the same quality as any of the singer’s normal releases before being simplified and toned down so as to fit the tone – and the cartridge.

"We were recording lots of beatboxing. Lots of Michael’s mouth percussion,” sound engineer Matt Forger stated. He’d be laughing, joking, and that kind of infectious attitude would … make the work not seem like work. Michael understood that this was for a game, he was in a really up mood whenever we’d be working."

Sega maintains that it never worked with Michael Jackson during the production of Sonic 3.

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