It seems that it’s time for another Ouya controversy

An active online Ouya community appears to be on the brink of thrusting the Android console into a brand new controversy.

The creator of has urged users of his site to embark on a Twitter campaign targeting developers and urging them to bring their games to the console.

‘The Ouya Tweet-a-thon Part 3′ has four objectives – to get the attention of both indie developers and the triple-A developers, and let them know that there are people out there that would love to see their games on the Ouya”, to convince developers to jump on board ASAP”, to get the attention of media outlets (especially those that have not been so kind to OUYA)” and to thank the Ouya team”.

Well, at least they’ve achieved one of those objectives.

A tweet template is even provided: "@devstwitteraccount I want to see "name of game" on OUYA! #ouyagameathon"

However, in news that will surprise more or less nobody at all, the idea has already irritated many developers, leading to public demands for the tweets to stop:

One forum poster even observed: LOL Some of the developers are getting annoyed about this. Were getting through to them. Ahahah.”

Yeah, you’re certainly getting through.

Ouya was earlier this year embroiled in controversy after its Free the Games Fund led to clearly disingenuous crowdfunding projects.

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