It sounds like Platinum is porting Vanquish to PC

Platinum’s apparent ever growing fondness of PC may see one of its most popular titles ported to the platform.

Speaking to Kotaku, co-founder Atsushi Inaba was asked about the possibility of a PC release for 2010 console shooter Vanquish.

The response? If you stop recording, I can talk about that.”

This was part of a wider conversation about the increase in the number of Japanese developers bringing their titles to the platform. Historically Japanese studios have been more console centric, but an increasing number are seeing PC as a good way of connecting with global audiences.

We’re good friends with Valve and often go to their studio,” Inaba added. We go there, hang out, talk about many different things, and we are very interested in Steam and would definitely like to release games on Windows.

Right now, we’re at a place in which publishers ask us to make titles. So, if the publisher doesn’t want to release a PC version, then there won’t be a PC version. It really comes down to that.

In Japan, the PC versions don’t sell much. Outside Japan, they do, but within the country, they do not. But, if you look aboard, everyone is playing on the PC. It’s something you cannot ignore.”

Should Vanquish make its way to PC then calls for other Platinum titles, such as Bayonetta, are bound to follow.

Other Platinum titles that have appeared on PC include Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Transformers: Devastation. The in-development Scalebound is also due for a PC release.

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