‘It’s not f*****g Guitar Hero’

For those of you not in the know, Noel Gallagher is best known for his former membership of UK rock band Oasis. Now he’s going solo. He has a new album coming out. And it’s not f*****g Guitar Hero.

Those are Noel’s words, not ours. In Britain we’re used to Noel and his potty mouth. We barely even notice it when he swears now. And if you think Noel’s bad, you should see his brother in action.

Anyhow, his new album – High Flying Birds – is out on October 17th. And according to Holy Moly, this is what Noel had to say about it.

"There isn’t a guitar solo on it till the sixth track. It’s not f*****g guitar hero. Some of it’s vaudeville, some if it’s space jazz, some of it’s kraut rock. And that’s just the first track."

Gallagher has already recorded his second solo album. We cannot yet confirm whether that is f*****g Guitar Hero.

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