It’s pretty clear who the star of this GTA V midnight launch photo is

Grand Theft Auto V is not just for teenage boys. And we have proof that makes that an ACTUAL FACT.

After all, you don’t become the fastest selling game in UK history and make the best part of one billion dollars in a day by only appealing to a narrow subset of the market.

MCV has received glorious proof of this phenomenon this morning from Kevin Garraway of Maidenhead indie 24-7 Games.

Take a look at the picture below. Click on it to see the hi-res version if you need to. In fact, do that.

Yes, we admit that MOST of the people you see here are what many might perhaps expect. Blokes. Youngish blokes. Even that bald bloke doesn’t look that old. There are at least three actual real girls too. We don’t think that blonde one at the back is a girl, by the way.

But these are not the people we wish to draw your attention to. We kind of want to tell you who we’re on about but at the same time we don’t want to spoil that moment when you see our absolute favourite person here for yourself.

We just hope she liked the game.

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