“It’s tough out there, but the code must get through” – Paul Stone, Indigo Pearl

At a time where we are confined to our personal spaces and many of us challenge the concept of our regular workday by assimilating work life with the usual creature comforts of home. It has been our cloud-based technologies that have unquestionably kept many of us together.

Over the past month, we’ve recreationally basked in exotic Netflix documentaries that allowed for those ‘watercooler moments’ online, downloaded video games directly from virtual stores in favour of physical copies and taken part in video calls to stay connected with friends and family.

Workwise, this technology has allowed us to effectively maintain communication with our teams through virtual meetings and utilise cloud-based programmes to allow individuals to collectively contribute to a project remotely.

Whatever our direct situation may be, we continue to be passionate about sharing content and helping others even whilst apart. This is something many Animal Crossing players can attest to. No one is an island, even if they are the acting island representative for Tom Nook.

At Indigo Pearl, we have been looking at how we can improve the ways in which we share digital content within our asset management team. Over the past five years it’s been part of my responsibility to oversee various code distribution campaigns through to completion via DXN (Digital Xtranet) – our code distribution platform that was introduced into the games industry in 2015.

Originally, this tool delivered codes and review material directly into the hands of media en masse, giving press everything needed to ready reviews for a title launch worldwide. Recently however, the tool has reacted responsively for the benefit of individuals.

Developers who were unable to attend UK games festivals this year were offered a way to have review code and press kit information sent directly to would-be attending media. We also implemented review request functionality through our PXN sites, to offer additional ways in which PR managers, press and influencers are able to reach out to each other.

Now, as two of our separate platforms begin to further communicate, press of varying sizes can come to one place to request review code, download assets and provide links to coverage. All whilst encouraging future conversations between reviewers and publishers alike and making it possible for the PR manager to track and approve code requests within one area.

Ultimately, our collective ability to innovate our daily processes across digital sharing platforms has altered our outlook on the way we exist within virtual and physical spaces. Reflecting on what is important and what should change structurally and inwardly. Many would agree that losing precious hours to the daily commute is undesirable. However, providing support, sharing stories and finding new ways to connect as individuals and professionals within the games industry at home and in person is as important now as it ever was.

Paul Stone is responsible for massive digital review mailouts using the DXN delivery system – the tech that was responsible for sending out codes for Death Stranding, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Dreams, Streets of Rage 4 and many more.

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