Iwata: "More third-party Wii U titles on the way"

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has teased that unnanounced games from third-party publishers are in development for Wii U.

Like many Nintendo home consoles before it, the Wii U has struggled to secure strong and consistent third-party support since launch. Most notably, there are very few EA games in development for the console, meaning Wii U will miss out on FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4.

But during Nintendo’s annual shareholder meeting, Iwata promised that "there are more key titles to be announced by [third party developers]", according to CVG.

He also addressed why publishers are reluctant to back Wii U, citing low third party sales at launch as a major concern.

"There were so many games released by third party publishers for Wii U during the launch period, but most of them were converted from other platforms and therefore could not enjoy brisk sales," said Iwata.

"As a result, some software developers have become pessimistic about Wii U."

The Nintendo president said he was confident Wii U will eventually recieve more big third-party titles at the same time as other formats, and that highlighting successful Wii U games from third-party publishers would encourage others to embrace the console – a sentiment echoed by EA.

Iwata recently accepted blame for slow sales of its new console.

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