Iwata refutes "misconception" that Wii U lacks graphical oomph

The Wii U is not underpowered, the president of Nintendo has argued.

That’s despite the fact that it about matches current gen machines Xbox 360 and PS3 but will trail far behind PS4 (and Xbox 720) upon their release later this year.

"It is a fact that some software development companies assume that Wii U is not powerful enough," Iwata told investors, as reported by GameSpot. "On the contrary, some developers say in interviews that Wii U has a different architecture from other consoles and that, when utilized in the right way, it can perform well.

At the moment, there is a great deal of contradictory information."

Presumably, this includes reports suggesting that the Wii U’s 1.2GHz CPU is reworked from the Wii’s Broadway chip which itself was an overclock of Gamecube’s 2002 Gekko processor.

"Nintendo is required to make more efforts to dispel such a misconception," Iwata continued. "In fact, some software companies are actively supporting Wii U and others are not. It is important to have supportive companies enjoy successful sales of a game and feel that their decision to develop something for Wii U was correct.

"We understand that this cannot possibly be achieved overnight and it may sound unconvincing under the current slow sales of Wii U. We would like to work to revitalize the Wii U market and show you favourable results for third-party software from this summer."

Of course, how much graphical clout counts for in the current day and age is another debate entirely…

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