Iwata’s internal approval rating drops as signs of board unease emerge

A report from Japan seems to be suggesting that there’s a small risk Nintendo president Saturo Iwata could be voted off the company’s board.

A Siliconera translation of a Nikkei report says that Iwata’s internal approval rating has fallen from 92.86 per cent in 2001 to 77.26 per cent today, describing the upcoming Nintendo General Meeting in June as the backdrop of a June of trials” for the beleaguered exec.

It further implies that there’s even a risk that Iwata could be voted off Nintendo’s board of directors entirely in June, which would of course have grave implications for his role as CEO.

The report adds that unrest has also arisen amongst Nintendo’s Chinese investors, with one analyst stating that the company ought to actively put their characters and other assets to use” in an effort to reverse its unprecedented three years of losses.

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