James Pond takes to Kickstarter for proposed return

Yet another age-old gaming IP is to try its luck on Kickstarter.

As revealed on Facebook by one of the original game’s developers, IP owner Gameware Europe is to kick off a James Pond Kickstarter on September 20th.

Even now 20 years later people still ask me about James Pond,” Chris Sorrell stated in a video that can be seen below. After seeing Robocod ported to every platform under the sun… it seems like Pond really needs to get with the times.

I’ve never owned the rights to the brand so it wasn’t until they asked me to be part of this campaign that I had the chance to think about this. It struck me that if we could make an all-new Pond game that takes the best qualities of the old games but brings everything right up to date then that could be something pretty cool.

Whether we can do this depends on you guys. Personally I have no idea of there are still enough people who care about James Pond after all these years. I think the possibilities are pretty exciting.”

James Pond was released in 1990 on the Mega Drive, Amiga and Atari ST although it was arguably its successor, James Pond 2: Robocod that has the larger legacy.

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