Japan: 100m DS software units sold

The success of Nintendo’s DS knows no bounds in Japan, with the console’s software sales hitting a stonking 100 million units in the territory since launch.

As IGN points out, Nintendo software is now as popular in Japan as ‘The Sims is in the entire world’. The top ten best-selling title are all pure first-party releases, with the exception of two Pokemon titles.

The list islead by New Super Mario Bros., which has shifted in excess of five million boxes in the territory.

The figures, from Japan stats body Media Create, also reveal that Brain Age 2 (More Brain Training) has sold over four million units, as has Animal Crossing.

The full top ten reads:

1) New Super Mario Bros. (5,174,163 units)
2) Brain Age 2 (4,835,159)
3) Animal Crossing DS (4,693,662)
4) Brain Age (3,771,440)
5) Mario Kart DS (3,042,753)
6) Pokemon Diamond (3,005,505)
7) Pokemon Pearl (2,490,564)
8) English Training DS (2,216,322)
9) Mario Party DS (1,706,506)
10) Big Brain Academy (1,654,285)

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