JAPAN: PSP hits 2m this year

PSP has comfortably become the best-selling console in Japan for the first half of the year – shifting just shy of two million units in the region.

According to data from MCV’s exclusive media partner Famistu/Enterbrain, Sony’s handheld was lagging behind DS Lite and Wii in January, but overtook both consoles in February – and has outsold them ever since.

Matching its performance in April and May, PSP again outsold all of its competition in June, shifting 274,131 compared to nearest rival Wii’s 235,990.

According to Famitsu data, the total sales for the first half of the year – from December 31st, 2007 to June 29th, 2008 – read:

PSP: 1,964,461 units
Wii: 1,720,263
DS Lite: 1,593, 844
PS3: 548,273
PS2: 257,701
Xbox 360: 80,290

And the total sales for the month of June were:

PSP: 274,131 units
Wii: 235,990
DS Lite: 195, 714
PS3: 139, 494
PS2: 34,537
Xbox 360: 10,964

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