JAPAN: PSP sales quadruple

PSP sales rose by more than 400 per cent in Japan this week after Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd hit shelves.

Sony sold 325,528 PSPs from November 29th to December 5th, up from 75,689 the week before, VG247 reports.

The spike in sales is due in part to the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP bundle. The game alone has shipped 2m copies in five days.

However PS3 sales dropped by 27,808 week-on-week with a total of 41,760 consoles sold.

Wii sales rose to 56,095 from 41,267, while DS sales remained relatively steady and Xbox 360 sales dropped slightly by 832 consoles week-on-week.

Japanese weekly console sales (November 29th to December 5th):

1. PSP – 325,528
2. DS – 78,526
3. Wii – 56,095
4. PS3 – 41,760
5. Xbox 360 – 3,497
6. PS2 – 1,440

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