JAPAN: Seaman tops the charts

The DS continues to dominate the Japanese software charts, but it’s the notable efforts of PS2 and 360 that capture the eye in Media Create’s latest Japanese Top 30,



Seaman 2, Sega’s PS2 sequel to it’s voice controlled 1999 Dreamcast curiosity, has bettered the opposition by capturing the top spot after shifting 33,000 copies. And a strong effort from Namco Bandai’s Xbox 360 exclusive Beautiful Katamari sees it debut in 7th spot, with sales of 19,000.

Elsewhere in the charts the DS captures 16 of the top 30 in total.

The Top 30 in full:

1. Seaman 2 (PS2)
2. DS Bungaku Zenshuu (DS)
3. Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! Meteor (PS2)
4. DS Nishimura Kyotaro Suspense Shin Tantei Series: Kyoto Atami Zekkai no Kotou – Satsui no Wana (DS)
5. Gundam Battle Chronicle (PSP)
6. Pokmon Mysterious Dungeon: Time Expedition Party (DS)
7. Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360)
8. Pokmon Mysterious Dungeon: Shadow Expedition Party (DS)
9. Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (DS)1
10. Banushi Life Game: Winners Circle (DS)
11. KanKen DS 2 + Jouyou Kanji Jiten (DS)
12. Wii Sports (Wii)
13. Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisecchi: Mina San Kyu (DS)
14. Galaxy Angel II: Mugen Kairou no Kagi (PS2)
15. Mario Party 8 (Wii)
16. Taiko Drum Master DS (DS)
17. Mario Kart DS (DS)
18. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
19. Tashiten: Tashite 10 ni Suru Monogatari (DS)
20. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)
21. Lair (PS3)
22. Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops+ (PSP)
23. My Housekeeping Diary (DS)
24. Wii Play (Wii)
25. Jikkyou Powerful Major League 2 (PS2)
26. ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat (DS)
27. Brain Age 2: More Training In Minutes A Day (DS)
28. Animal Crossing Wild World (DS)
29. Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! Meteor (Wii)
30. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (PSP)

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