JAPAN: Wii takes festive lead

The Wii returned to the top of the Japanese hardware sales chart in the final week of 2009, selling more than 215,000 units.

The Nintendo console knocks Sony’s PS3, the previous week’s bestselling console down to third, according to Gamasutra. For the week ending December 27th, 2009, the PS3 sold over 110,000 units – a notable decline as sales of Final Fantasy XIII slow.

The Wii’s success was primarily driven by renewed interest in New Super Mario Bros Wii, which took Final Fantasy’s spot at the top of the software chart.

The DSi was the second biggest seller, shifting 113,984 units, outselling both its predecessor the DS Lite (17.695) and the recently launched DSi LL (81,430). Sony’s PSP also fared well, selling more than 105,000 units – far outselling the newer PSPgo, which only sold a little over 4,000 units.

Both Xbox 360 and PS2 sold less than 10,000 units each, at 6,489 and 3,747 units respectively.

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