Jeff Minter’s Polybius is a PSVR exclusive

Jeff Minter from Space Giraffe and TxK fame is re-imaging the legendary Polybius arcade game as a PSVR exclusive.

Announced with an incredibly detailed short story on the Playstation Blog, Minter revealed that he has decided to create Polybius exclusively for PSVR. He said in the announcement that it was the tech behind PSVR that allowed him to finally do it.

Then along came VR, and I started to wonder if I should pick up that thought I’d left on the floor of my brain back in Basingstoke,” said Minter. I’ve been dabbling in ludic psychedelia for a while now, and maybe the time and the medium was right now for me to attempt a game to at least in part replicate the effects, if not the exact gameplay, of that old legend. Leaving out all the bad stuff, of course.

Accordingly we began building a framework within which to create such a thing. To accurately convey the sensation of speed-rush that so strongly permeated the original game it was necessary to build an engine that could deliver everything we needed at 120 FPS without possibility of frame drops, and at a very high internal resolution.”

Of course Polybius is the legendary arcade game that probably never even existed. It became an urban legend after people told stories of a game that caused seizures and amnesia and was part of a secret government program. Eurogamer had a cracking feature on it last year, which will give you all the background info you could ever want.

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