JOBS IN GAMES: PR Account Manager career profile

MCV’s Jobs In Games special, in association with OPM, takes another look at some of the most coveted positions in the UK games industry.

Today, we get an insight into the world of PR as we catch up with Lunch PR’s senior account manager Kayleigh Watson.

How would you summarise your role?
As Senior Account Manager, I work closely with the directors to ensure client’s briefs are fulfilled and the best possible ROI is achieved.

What are your main responsibilities?
Managing the executives and assistant on each team to ensure everyone is clear on their daily priorities. Liaising with media to get our clients’ messages and products the best possible awareness to the public.

How did you get your job?
I did work experience during my gap year as well as all through University which led to me securing a paid internship at Roardrunner Records. From there I went on to work on Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Take 2, Eidos and Codemasters at BHPR before heading to London for a stint at Kazoo working on Disney. I then went into music PR but swiftly headed back to games and joined Lunch PR over a year ago now. Having done the work experience early on really helped me take big steps in my career as soon as I left University. I was and still am a bit of a sponge, I try and learn something new every day and that has helped me progress and expand my knowledge immensely.

What special skills or qualifications did you need?
Being creative yet realistic really helped me. Listening to and understanding the needs and desires that my clients have and working hard to achieve them. Attention to detail is a must and a head for figures is also helpful. My degree was in Ancient History and History do although not PR, it certainly helped me write and look at different perspectives – always good for PR.

Describe your average day. What do you do?
First thing is to check the latest news (and Twitter!) coming through, see if anything is relevant to Lunch’s clients. Check on the scheduled news and releases we have lined up. Have a team chat about key focuses of the day and where help is needed. Ongoing communications with clients throughout the day, ensuring they are updated and answering any queries they have. All whilst speaking to media and selling in stories! Depending on the day of the week we’ll also be preparing reports, brainstorming new ideas and creating new PR plans.

What is the best part of your job?
Seeing a project come to and end with a host of amazing coverage – and that great big ROI figure at the end of a campaign makes it all worth it. I also love training up staff – it’s an amazing thing to encourage others and really see them succeed.

What is the worst part?
Sometimes people can be short with you on the phone, so it’s good to learn early on to not take everything to heart. You have to have a thick skin working in PR. I’m sure that is the same in every job and industry though.

What tips would you give to anyone applying for a similar position?
I’d say get as much work experience as possible. Not just in PR but in the media too. Having a good perspective from both sides makes the world of difference.

What are your long-term career plans?
To keep working on projects and creating PR that really engages people. I’d eventually like to move in-house for a company or brand that I really feel passionate about, overseeing creative messages, brand values and partnerships.

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