Judge dismisses Beyonce’s attempt to throw out $100m dance game lawsuit

Beyonce Knowles WILL have to go to court to face a $100m lawsuit from developer Gate Five.

The studio began legal proceedings against the R&B star last year over an alleged breach of contract concerning a dancing game called Starpower: Beyonce, claiming "a bad faith breach of contract so callous that, on what appeared to be a whim, she destroyed Gate Five’s business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas".

The court documents say the singer known for songs like Crazy in Love and Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) "made an extortionate demand for entirely new compensation terms she wanted".

When that manoeuvre "backfired and drove away the financier (who found [Knowles] too erratic to do business with), she pulled out of the project in breach of the agreement."

Apparently, Beyonce’s negotiation tactics were "so unscrupulous that her then manager (who is also her father) renounced them."

The singer subsequently filed for a motion of summary judgment in an attempt to have the matter thrown out of court, but this request has been denied, meaning a jury trial is now almost certain.

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