Just Flight soars despite Flight Simulator crash

Just Flight is optimistic about its business despite the loss of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X developer ACES.

Microsoft closed the studio last month, raising concerns over the future of its Flight Simuator series, for which Just Flight sells expansions. However, the studio’s closure is not a setback for the publisher.

We see this as a massive opportunity for all flight sim add-on publishers,” Just Flight’s operations director Dermot Stapleton told MCV. Flight Simulator has been one of the most successful franchises in gaming history and it has spawned a huge market for add-ons.

However, there has always been a degree of uncertainty about when the next version would be released, and whether existing products out would be compatible.

It seems that the latest version Flight Simulator X, will be the sim of choice for the next few years and so we can use this period of stability to develop more complex products, safe in the knowledge that the platform won’t be undergoing any kind of radical change.”

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