Kairosoft’s latest Café Nipponica makes our iPhones happy

GAME OF THE DAY: If you played any mobile games in 2010 then you’d have most likely came across Kairosoft‘s incessantly addictive title Game Dev Story.

The Japanese developer has since released over 15 simulation-focused titles in English on both Android and iOS platforms.

The games range from building new age cities and shopping malls to managing schools and football teams, with some tongue in cheek humour and slapstick character names to keep you amused between the vast amount of multi-tasking each title requires.

They certainly are more than five-minute wonders, with each game offering hours upon hours of strategic entertainment and replayability.

Most recently hitting the iOS store was restaurant simulation, Caf Nipponica.

You start off with a small caf in far off Sunny Village. You have a chef, a waitress and a few basic tables and dishes to get started with and it’s your job to attract custom any way you can.

There are plenty of ways you can do that as well. Caf Nipponica sees you building your caf into a full-blown restaurant chain by upgrading your furniture, decorations, expanding the store, purchasing ingredients and combining them into new dishes.

New locations unlock as well as skilled chefs and waiting staff to hire. You can even upgrade staff and select specific skills to help them work faster.

There’s even more to it but perhaps you should give the free demo a go and see how long it takes until your hooked.

Should running a caf not be your thing then why not check out Kairosoft’s other offerings. Here’s a handy list of the releases so far:

  • Dungeon Village
  • Epic Astro Story
  • Game Dev Story
  • Grand Prix Story
  • Hot Springs Story
  • Kairobotica
  • Mega Mall Story
  • Oh! Edo Towns
  • Pocket Academy
  • Pocket League Story
  • Pocket Clothier
  • The Sushi Spinnery
  • Venture Towns
  • World Cruise Story

Caf Nipponica is available on both the iOS app store for 2.99.

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