Kamiya wants to make Bayonetta 3 and Okami 2

Twitter superstar and Platinum Games developer Hideki Kamiya has openly expressed his desire to make a third Bayonetta game and a sequel to Okami.

The first Bayonetta was a cult hit but the second, which was exclusive to Wii U, has sold poorly. So the desire to revisit that franchise is a no-brainer.

We will take that into account when we design her haircut when we start doing 3, if we ever make 3,” Kamiya said when Metro told him that it preferred Bayonetta’s haircut in the first game. When asked if he wants to make the game, he added: Of course we want to make 3. Why should it end at 2?

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking in my head what that game would be. I’ve got ideas in my head for Okami 2 as well. We’ve got other Scalebounds in our heads too.”

Okami, however, is a Capcom game. It was developed by the now defunct Clover Studios, but plenty of the Clover team can now be found at Platinum. And a collaboration between the pair has been previously hinted at.

I go drinking with [Capcom producer Jun] Takeuchi quite a bit,” Kamiya stated. And every time we go drink he’s like, ‘Let’s do something, man!’aAnd I continue to say, ‘Let’s do something, man!’”

Kamiya also pointed out the wolf on his t-shirt, claiming that he was stealing Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s gimmick of dropping game hints via t-shirt pictures.

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