"Ken Kutaragi was my biggest inspiration"

Ken Kutaragi was amazing. In the early days we would go to Japan with business plans that we thought were aggressive. He would say: ‘You don’t understand. We are here to change the world. Your forecasts look high in the old world, but PlayStation is for everyone, not just hardcore gamers. Double your numbers and tell me what you need to achieve them.’

"He was infectious, because he really believed. We thought he was a little crazy, but everyone was inspired. Ken was the hardest working guy I have ever seen, often in the office till 1am. He was a true entrepreneur, which is very unique in the Japanese corporate culture. He was a man on a mission to change the world.

"And throughout, Mark Kato, his CFO, was there with him 24/7. Mark is truly the unsung hero of PlayStation. Ken’s most trusted adviser and operating head. Kato-san is still there today, spinning all the plates.”

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