KeSPA and OP.GG team up for Korean League of Legends & FIFA stats database

KeSPA, the Korean Esports Association, has announced that it’s going to partner up with League of Legends stats outfit OP.GG to put together an offiicial database for Korean League of Legends players, and Korean FIFA pros, too.

It could be a valuable tool for those looking to get up-to-date information on their favourite Korean players, and is going to be designed to be as comprehensive as possible, with the information on individual players, but also their teams and the results of all professional games played.The database will be used by not just fans, but also Korean esports teams and KeSPA itself to get a feel for how the sports are progressing in their country.

OP.GG already runs its primary site, but also Best.GG, already offering a wealth of stats, and it seems this database will be a Korean focussed branch offering even more analysis. It’ll also double as a chronicle of Korean esports, enshrining the results, star players and

For now, the partnership only covers League of Legends and FIFA, but it’s hard not to see a case for including other games popular in the region.

“It is very meaningful that we will be able to work with the association that has been working diligently to develop esports in Korea,” said Choi Sang-in, OP.GG’s CPO.

“We will be working to make Korea the center of the esports market in a rapidly expanding global market by creating the most internationally trusted esports data management system.”

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